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5 cleaning tips/tricks for busy moms

I'm one of those people who finds cleaning therapeutic. In my early 20's I discovered that instead of running, reading, cooking or even crying. I go straight for the dishes in the sink, turn on that hot water and grab the Dawn dish soap.

I feel at ease when my house is clean. My mood is better and I feel 10x more productive and ready for the day when everything is in it's place; the laundry is done and folded and there's no ring around the tub.

Unfortunately when I'm busy, the clean house smell is less pleasant and that monster pile of laundry becomes, well, more like a mountain.

As a busy mom that works outside the home, I'm not always going to have time for the deep cleaning and spending hours to organize my pantry (on my 2024 list!). So in the mean time, I have to master the art of quick efficient cleaning to save time.

The big 5 tips/tricks that I've done to quick clean especially in those busy moments are:

  1. Quick wipe downs with some Mrs. Meyers spray.

If you haven't heard or even used this product, let me be the first to tell you that YOU NEED THIS. If you're one of those people who love scents then you'll love Mrs. Meyers and the many scents they carry in their products. Personal favorites are Compassion flower and Peony. I've used this spray on my kitchen and bathroom counters, toilets, tubs, you name it! I love that it's light and doesn't leave any residue on the surfaces.

2. Take the dishes out the dishwasher and put them away.

Usually I'm the first in my household to unload the dishes and put them away but when I'm busy, those dishes live in the dishwasher. Taking a moment to unload the dishwasher will save so much time and it's one less thing you'll have to worry about when you get ready to cook.

3. Sweep/Mop.

I feel like sweeping isn't supposed to take all night. Sweeping and using the mop is supposed to be quick and fast but yet, once I get started I have to get through every crack and crevice there is. But, when I'm low on time, sweeping and mopping is a way for me to feel successful even I can't go as in depth as I want.

4. Load washer/dryer.

Laundry piles in my household. Mainly due to a certain now 12 year old who just throws all clothes, clean and dirty in the dirty clothes basket and contributes to that mountain I referenced above. Nightly loading of the washer/dryer will save you time and avoid the mountain at all costs.

5. Clear the area!

Stepping on a leggo hurts like hell. I still remember the days I would walk through the door and be met with toys galore. Now that I've got a 12 year old, I get met with pokemon cards, shoes, hoodies and random electronics. Take it from me, clear the area. It'll help so much with your quick clean.

As much as I love cleaning and seeing our home organized. Sometimes its just not possible to get through everything but I'll tell you what. These 5 tips help me get through my weeks without all the added stress and in that way, I can save my weekends for my (cleaning) therapy :) share your thoughts and tips! In the meantime, check out some cleaning motivation videos on youtube for a little extra encouragement.

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