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Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Shameless plug here. I make cleaning motivation videos on YouTube, and I love it

Cleaning is my personal therapy. When I need a moment to myself, I throw on my favorite playlist (check out my Spotify playlist below) and clean the crap out of my house. This is the time where I can zone out, calm my anxiety, and get rid of all the clutter that tends to build up just from living.

Currently, my house is still empty from moving in back in August of 2023, ( but the amount of dust and dirt that builds in this place is nuts. I’ve got dust and dirt in the cracks and crevices of the walls and doors, a tiled floor that never seems to stay clean and random spots on the wall that could or could not be food residue. Oh, and don’t let me forget all the routine favorites like carpets, laundry, and dishes. As much as the cleaning seems never ending in this empty house of mine, I have to say, oddly enough I enjoy cleaning it.

I like cleaning so much that I’ve acquired a list of favorite products that I really love using both for everyday and deep cleans. The reasons why I love them vary from great scents to effectiveness and I’ll make sure to distinguish which one is used for which but nonetheless they are fantastic. So, if you’re looking to expand your horizons and check out some great products, give these a shot and let me know what you think.

The list of favorites

1.     Mrs. Meyers

If I had a cleaning best friend, it would be Mrs. Meyers. I’ve said it so many times before, and I can’t say it enough. Mrs. Meyers has the best scents hands down! I love the way my house smells after spraying this product throughout the bathrooms, kitchen counter tops and throughout the house (especially because it comes in a room spray). Mrs. Meyers has a great scent line and aside from the scents, one my favorite things about Mrs. Meyers is that it comes in a concentrate that lasts a while. My favorite scents from the line are compassion flower, peony, and Fall leaves.

2.     Spray away glass cleaner

I used to be one of those people that just used Windex and every once in a while I’ll opt for using vinegar to clean my windows and mirrors. I started using this glass cleaner after watching a few influencers and had to try it out myself and have seen that it was well worth the $2.69 I paid for it.

3.     Scrub daddy sheets

Like most people out there I used Mr. Cleans magic eraser sheets (and still do) but I discovered the scrub daddy sheets and saw that these are a freakin game changer! Don’t get me wrong, the magic eraser is still top tier for hard stains on surfaces and more simple things like crayons on walls (of course speaking from personal experience) but I’ve noticed that I much rather use the scrub daddy sheets. Here are the pros:

·      Flexibility

·      Able to use on multiple surfaces and

·      Durability

I use my scrub daddy sheets weekly to clean. The magic eraser sheets are just as effective but maybe I’m biased because I love the scrub daddy products. The scrub daddy sheets live rent-free in my home. I’ll have to do a true comparison to see which one is overall better, maybe a new blog post??

 4.     Dryer balls

Dryer balls are another newly discovered item for me. I’ll still use dryer sheets, but I’ve seen that the dryer balls will do the same thing and I’m able to get a little creative with them. I love putting a few drops of lavender on them because they make our clothes smell great!


Lastly, 5.     let's talk about microfiber cloths

As much as I would like to act like I’ve always used these, I can’t. I didn’t start to use any microfiber cloths until I met my boyfriend who had his own cleaning company. I kept it simple and grabbed an old rag or sponge to wipe down surfaces. Although it seems like just another towel, these cloths are great are for wiping up grease, dust, and dirt. Quick pro tip: Wipe your mirrors with a microfiber cloth before using a cleaner on them.


There’s a list of honorable mentions but these are the favorites that stay in my household.  Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest something different. Oh, and before I forget, check out my relaxing cleaning Spotify playlist.

Masego: Masego (album)

Alex Isley: Marigold (album)

FKJ: Vibin out

Masego: Tadow

Kenyon Dixon:Lucky

Cygn: Body N Soul (album)

JVCK James:Wave

Xavier Omar:If this is love

SiR feat. Sabrina Claudio: That's why I love you

Xavier Omar-Blind man

Snoh Aalegra: Fool for you

SiR: Nothing Even Matters

H.E.R: Damage

Ari Lennox ft. Summer Walker: Queen Space

Jean Deaux ft. Masego: Ease Up

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