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Hey Mommas...

The definition of busy is to actively and attentively engage in work or a past time. On the other hand, the attributes of a busy mom mean so much more. Let me give you a few examples; multiple job holder, teacher, advocate, multitasker, the ability to train my bladder to hold it just a bit longer, speed shopper, sprint cleaner, personal chef, and well you get the point.

Being a busy mom is clearly not just a job but a lifestyle and I am very much here for it. What started off as just the casual talks, motivational podcasts and day to day learning from both the minimal and mountainous amount of mistakes that get made on this journey, have now turned into a YouTube channel, this blog and the creation of a busy mom planner.

On top of everything else we have to do for our kids like packing lunches, homework, morning/night routines, school meetings and quite literally so much more, at the end of the night; we still have to take care of our selves aka not lose our sh*t.

As with my YouTube channel this blog is here to support just that (the not losing my sh*t). While attempting to stay on track with my own personal goals. My hope is to extend a virtual hug with some suggestions, tips and tricks that I use in regards to cleaning, organizing and supporting my goofy 11 year old ball of energy. Sprinkled with a little bit (A lot of bit) of Target and time to time mom venting, I'll be giving you some cleaning/organizing, mom motivation, systems and routines that help me all while allowing a space to resonate with transparency of the daily smiles and struggles of the busy mom life.

With love,

Momma Lee

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