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The Busy Mom diaries: Coffee.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, oh how I love my coffee.

I don’t know how I would complete my days if I didn’t have coffee and I’m sure there are plenty of mommas out there that can resonate with the love for coffee or a caffeine of their choice.

Having coffee is a part of my self-care routine. Waking up in the morning when no one else is awake and being able to grab my iced coffee cup with the inside layered with caramel sauce ready for the pour of the deliciousness of unsweetened cold brew mixed with a little oat milk creamer topped with whip cream and completed with caramel drizzle and a dash of cinnamon just does something to me.

In case you can’t tell, I LOVE my coffee.

I would love to one day own a coffee shop. My ultimate dream job is to travel the world with my kids and try different coffees from different countries and believe me when I say that one day, I am going to make it happen. But for now, I can appreciate the calm, the energy, and the sanity that coffee has added to my self-care routine.

As stated before, busy mom life is no easy feat, and it gets exhausting. Sometimes adding in some liquid goodness can help support the busy mom life and the never-ending list of daily tasks that somehow all feel ridiculously urgent.

So as stated in my previous blog post:, self-care isn’t selfish but necessary. We’ve got to take care of ourselves as we tackle all the ups, downs and roundabouts that come with motherhood. So, easy, busy momma approved coffee recipe coming your way:

Coffee Recipe

I call this one, quick caramel drizzle:

1. 1. Unsweetened or sweetened cold brew coffee (I’ve used both). My go to brands lately is Califia Farms which has a dairy-free option and Stok cold brew. Love them both for their high caffeine content.

2. 2. Planet Oat oat milk creamer. This is a good one especially for those of us with sensitive stomachs.

3. 3. Caramel sauce. I buy the Ghirardelli brand but haven’t noticed a difference between other brands so feel free to use a different brand.

4. 4. Whip cream. I only add a little due to my stomach, but I heard there are dairy free options.

5. 5. Dash with a little cinnamon and momma you are on your way!

Share your coffee recipes and other self-care activities you do to keep your sanity. As I continue to update my kitchen with all great things that’ll keep us loving our coffee, I’ll update this blog with more recipes that’ll support us in the busy momma life. For now, (similar to the above recipe) check out this super quick before work, coffee reel :)

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