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The Busy Mom Diaries: Momma Bear.

“There’s no hood like motherhood” and if your parenthood is anything like mine then it includes the trials/tribulations and growing pains of seeing your once adorable baby turn into a funny and yet irritable pre-teen that walks around repeating the current slang “Bustin, Bustin”. Of all the sh*@s and giggles that we have to endure with our little ones and the never-ending battles and guilt that consume our thoughts. The instinct of being a momma bear is still there; the need to protect our kids from both them and the outside world.


My journey to motherhood came different than most (more to come on that later). There was no handbook, no special guide and no yellow brick road to follow. It was like “Here you go. Do your best.”. I didn’t realize that doing my best meant that I would be fighting through quicksand when it came to raising my child and then jumping through another pool of quicksand to fight EVERYONE else about raising MY child.

The unsolicited advice from family members and “friends” such as the never-ending comparisons between him and other kids. The lack of flexibility with teachers and bare minimum support for learning differences; because sitting down at a seat is the only way a student should learn. Lastly, the absence of patience and grace from coaches who have a one-track mindset with players. Need I say more.

Out of the many battles that I’ve endured thus far. The most challenging must be the fight against my son’s invisible disabilities:

1. The ignored learning differences and unseen struggles that he’ll have to/has endured.

2. The theatric masks that he’ll have to put on to hide the autism and ADHD tendencies as he navigates life as someone misunderstood.

3. The mental exhaustion that only HE truly understands.


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